Getting Healed By Just A Touch

 And this comes in the form of a gynecological treatment that would help you if you were a woman with problems that a woman would have. You know what we mean, men, stay out of here because this is for women who have to tend to themselves. This is the kind of thing you do not want to get involved in. So we must talk about the mona lisa touch in Santa Monica.

Make way because if you are a woman with problems regarding the most intimate part of yourself then you know that the only thing left for you to do is go to a gynecologist. At least stop any and all activity down there so you can go get yourself checked for it

And while it may be embarrassing for you younger girls out there to be talking about this, know that this is normal. Almost every single woman has to go through a part in her life that involves maybe a pain down there or maybe an itch.

This is either due to your own scripting or maybe due to particular mating, you just did. Whatever the reason, tell that to your gynecologist so they would know what it is, what to do and where too from here.

It can only be helped by them and we hopefully wish that you would be more careful next time because something like this is bound to be very stressful for everyone involved. For you and your romantic partner. Some of the issues that regard that particular part is mostly due to the lovemaking activity that you do.

There is something bad that will happen to you. Particularly your own health, if you are very active. Like, VERY active. And we do not mean pregnancy because that is just another whole can of worms that we should not even be touching with a ten-meter pole.

But there are other kinds of illnesses and diseases out there that can be because of lovemaking. AIDS and HIV do not even count because they are transmitted diseases. We are talking about possible injuries that can be sustained during and after the activity. If you are familiar with the activity and how it actually goes, which we are sure you do wink wink, then you can see why there would be any injury at all.

Do we have to spell it out for you? Fine. Do you have any idea what kind of treatment the hymen is going through with all the moving, thrusting and pounding? There, we said it. It is not like the man and his own organ where all it does it get surrounded by the skin and heat. The women are literally getting stabbed here.

Do you see why this activity is such a flaw? Why could lovemaking is not something that is done by hands instead? Like maybe it should hand against hands instead? Why does it have to be like that? The activity itself sound ugly if we were being honest. And stop laughing, what are you, children?