The Tesla Roadster – Is it the World’s First Serious Electric Car?

Tesla Roadster electric car has now gone into full public production, and with a chassis based on acclaimed Lotus Elise and performance to match, this could be the first all-electric car you really want to have. It also seems that the perfect time Tesla has launched a new product to the world in which, with the gas supply definite and global warming, the electric car suddenly becomes more attractive. Get to know more about Tesla 0-60 times via reading online.

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There are a number of attempts in the past to produce a viable electric car, but the technology and public demand means that this version was never a great success. The biggest flaw is due to a bad battery technology, which means that the car is insufficient in performance to keep up with modern traffic, and has a poor variety depressing to match.

Now Tesla has unveiled its roadster, capable of hitting sixty in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 125mph, it is definitely perceived challenge stereotypes of an electric car. Ironically many delays that prevent roadster of which was launched back in 2007 it was not because of the battery, but in reality, because it is too powerful electric motors.

Originally expected that a two-speed transmission will be required to activate the electric motor to meet performance targets 248bhp Tesla, but the high level of torque generated by the motor means that the single speed options have now been used. In order to maintain its performance figures, Tesla has raised the maximum supplied current from the battery of this roadster.