Semi-Rimless Small Women’s Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglass frames are available in mainly three simple styles, including full-frame, semi-rimless frames and rimless frames. In fact, eyeglasses frames are manufactured by different manufacturers differ slightly in other aspects such as nose pads and temples.

The most significant difference is always situated in a frame style. You can also buy petite eyeglass frames.

In the old days, all kinds of eyeglass frames have a full-frame. This means that the lens frame has two round circles that wrap around the spectacle lenses each.

Of course, this style of eyeglass frames is still around today. But to a certain extent, they gradually lost popularity. Most eyeglass wearers consider the full-frame like a traditional style. The second style is a semi-rimless. A pair of semi-rimless eyeglasses has a lens frame which has only two semicircles.

Two lenses only half covered by a frame of glasses. In the natural design, half of the frame touches the top of the lens, rather than the bottom. Compared with full-frame, semi frames using fewer materials and looks more concise.

Nowadays, there are many brands that provide semi-rimless glasses frame this little girl. Compared with rimless glasses frames, semi-rimless more conventional. Some women really want to be more stylish by wearing rimless glasses.

Currently, semi-rimless glasses frame small woman is available from both traditional and online optician. Similar to other types of glasses, semi-rimless glasses women come more choice on the Internet.