Different Types of Manitou Buckets

Manitou Buckets are large vessels that are used with a wide variety of telehandler equipment and is used as a large scale shovel to excavate or move materials from one place to another. There are many types of networks, such as:

• The large buckets that have "teeth" that are used in mining applications, careers uses, and demolition needs. They can be mounted up to 120 tons and machinery are fitted as standard or custom installation. These can be used with shovels, and a variety of additional XHD profile machines. The Bucket pins and bushings are easily available in the market whenever you need to replace one. 

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• Medium excavator buckets are used for a variety of excavation needs and are generally from 13, 16, 21 or 22 tons sizes. They also include Caterpillar, Daewoo, Komatsu, Volvo and a variety of other large machine manufacturers. They contain quick couplings and are made of harder parts and sidewall and the side straps.

• Small shovel buckets that are designed to efficiently handle the increased strength of crawler excavators. They have a top tube that is specifically designed to provide a 22 mm cutting edge which are equipped with Qualitough adapters that have replaceable tips available. The rear part of these buckets is reinforced with rods from side to side which can handle additional wear. These come in six, eight and nine-ton models.

• Mini digger buckets are sized products to manage your from.75 five tons of weight and are designed with a rugged tubular beam section and reinforced side by sidebars to protect the back of the bucket. It comes with two or three teeth Qualitough depending on size requirements. These come in 1.5 ton, two tons to three tons, three tons, four tons four to five tons, and five-ton models. The lateral standard teeth are cut, but this model can be equipped with other types of teeth if necessary.