Factors Influencing Price Of Exclusive Limo Services

Renting a limousine service for events and special occasions is not a big deal anymore. With so many limo rentals in New York operating in the market, you can easily get a limousine at a reasonable price. If your needs are more, you can also opt for large vehicles such as Stretch Limousine, Hummer Limo, or even a party bus.

limo rentals

Quite obviously, the hummer limo and party bus rental prices will be higher than usual. But you can easily accommodate a larger vehicle in a tight budget if you take care of the factors that affect the cost of translation services.

Here are some of the factors that affect the cost of renting:

  • Transportation type

Most limo service companies charge a different rate for different models. -If you rent a simple example Platinum Benz it will cost somewhere around $ 40 to $ 60, super stretch will cost about $ 50 to $ 70, hummer limo rental price will be somewhere around $ 80 to $ 95, while big party bus can be rented for anywhere between $ 90 to $ 110.

  • Vehicle condition

This is the second factor that affects the cost of renting. You will easily get a low-end model and return date edition at the lowest price conditions of these cars are not as good as the latest.

  • Services provided along with the vehicle

In addition to providing classic vehicles in the rental, limousine rental companies also offer additional services such as Crystal screen TV, DVD player, a stereo system, drinks, drinks including champagne, etc.

The more luxurious services you request, a better cost you will have to pay. Therefore, if your budget is tight trying not to indulge in this add to the luxury.