Proper Security Increases The Rate Of School Attendance

Schools may still maintain an open door policy, but they do not really leave the door open. The entrance is locked, and anyone with a business school must pass through metal detectors guaranteed, unfortunately, not all schools are safe. District continue to establish facilities to improve the security system as new technologies and funds available. The March 2018 NCES Indicators of School Crime and Safety study reported that approximately 95 percent of the school building access control during school hours, most schools use security cameras and monitors. However, at the beginning of the school day, and again on the dismissal, the flood of students make it challenging to manage who enters the building, let the visitors had just entered the campus as well. You can explore this link to know more about dismissal software. 

 A positive school climate that encourages positive behavior, the school culture, expectations of behavior is reinforced every day as received by the entire school population. In this environment, hostility, anger, and violence tends to be, and the potential threat becomes clear, allowing for intervention.

A study on school climate and the absence of chronic published in the Journal of Educational Psychology, found a direct correlation between the negative climate of school (as perceived by the students) and increased levels of chronic absenteeism. An important component of a positive school climate is a feeling that daily attendance is important and desirable. The study authors concluded that "… only targeting youth who chronically absent, has been the focus of interventions for chronic absenteeism, insufficient. By contrast, the strategy of a school-wide climate improvement appears essential to improve the overall experience of attending school and improve attendance at school. "

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Accurate recording of attendance is very important not only for safety reasons, but the school also must take into account each person in the building, state funding depends on this information. While the presence of computerized systems has made the task more efficiently, track student attendance still need teachers to divert attention from their class, while trying to track down the slow and missing students, and incorporate the information into their computers. Many days of school and the class period begins with a few minutes of interruption as educators handle administrative tasks. Manually entered information subject to human error and the system only record student attendance because they report to class. There is no record of who has entered the building every day.