What Is Relationship Counselling?

To understand how relationship counseling can benefit your relationship, it is first important to understand what partner counseling is and why a partner is present. In short, relationship counseling occurs with professional counselors, psychologists or therapists and mainly focuses on helping couples solve problems or problems that might bother them or cause difficulties between them. Although we tend to think of relationship counseling as being limited to romantic relationships, it can also include other family relationships, friendships and work relationships.

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In some cases, substantial problems, such as chronic or ongoing fights, find that infidelity occurs or struggle with differences in  desire. In other cases, couples may attend relationship counseling to help them make decisions about certain aspects of their relationship (such as where to live, whether to get married or whether to have a baby). Sometimes couples come to relationship counseling as a way to better understand each other and make better decisions about long-term commitments. 

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Many couples find themselves choosing relationship counseling as a method to help themselves through difficult times when the relationship might go through a phase of developmental contraction or expansion and how they relate to one another might shift and change