Business Mentor – A Structured Approach to Mentoring Sessions

A mentor provides valuable self-discipline tools. Like a personal trainer, a mentor will facilitate and ensure the goals are achieved and the task is completed. Having to meet someone regularly is a strong urge to act.

A business mentor in Perth must provide a critical view of the strategic direction of the business. We review strategic documents and analyze them using a methodology developed over many years to help SMEs. If there is no strategic plan, we help prepare it.

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A good mentor knows when to listen and when to talk. This is a relationship of trust that has one curved goal – the success of a mentee business.

Seeing business processes is how they correlate. The use of the Balanced Scorecard, which began with large companies, is becoming increasingly common with many SMEs.

Business is increasingly competitive and many SMEs are being squeezed in from various angles. It is increasingly important to take the time to consider why you are in business and what your competitive advantage is.

It is no longer enough to open (speak metaphorically) the door and get ready for customers to come. You must win the business and show why your business has a better or competitive product or service compared to competitors. It's important to see what competitive strengths are and how business positions. A mentor is a valuable resource for this.