The Use of Augmented Reality in Retail

Augmented reality (AR) has great potential. This technology has been used by architects, the military and even NASA. But AR is also used to give a big effect in an industry that is a little closer to home: retail. Many retailers today use AR to enhance customer experience, enabling them to visualize products or experiences before buying. And although the adoption of AR for retail purposes is still a relatively new phenomenon, this trend is developing; soon, AR will become an integral part of every retail experience.

Augmented reality in action

Many retailers use AR to enable customers to visualize products before they buy. De Beers has launched an AR download that allows buyers to really try out jewelry using a webcam. Likewise, the Converse Sampler iPhone application allows customers to try out their entire trainer ranks simply by pointing their smartphones at their feet, where shoes then appear.  You can check out to hire best-augmented reality solutions.

Try a vacation for size

This application measures the size of the product against the surrounding space to offer true-to-life measurements if possible. And Marriott's virtual honeymoon campaign allows couples to experience a different honeymoon package using Google Cardboard. Honeymooners can experience the hotel, bar, restaurant, even the beach before they book a trip.

The future of AR

The progress and increasing prevalence of AR will continue to change the way we shop. The IBM application allows buyers to make educated dietary decisions; hopefully the end result is that we have a better diet. Applications like the Converse Sampler application eliminate the need to go to a physical store.