Canyoneering Activity in the Small Town of Badian

The enticing fresh, cool, crystal clear and blue water of Kawasan Falls is very irresistible. That's why a trip will never be memorable if you will ever miss out this tourist attraction. It really is a very good spot if you are longing to have your soul-searching activity. It's not just famous for local but also for foreigners. This is always featured by foreign content writers, magazines and television. What makes it more unique from any other falls is that it has three levels of majestic falls and the place is famous for the activity called CANYONEERING, it is a waterfall jumping and rafting activity. Canyoneering is a great way to escape the city life and enjoy the adventure in doing the Badian canyoneering. 


Things to remember: 

  • DON’T JUMP ANYWHERE – Don’t just jump whenever you feel like jumping, always ask your guide first if it's safe to jump and also you should always pay attention to your guide at all times. 
  • WEAR PROPER AND COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR – The trail isn’t easy to walk and there’s a lot of slippery stones so you should not forget to wear shoes that will not be burden when walking down the trails. 
  • ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR TOUR GUIDE – Your guide is familiar with the trail and the area so it’s better to follow your guide at all times. Never stray from your group. 
  • BADIAN CANYONEERING IS A POPULAR ACTIVITY – You should better start your canyoning activity early since there will be a lot of crowd during noon and I’m sure you won’t like canyoning if the area is crowded. 
  • STAY HYDRATED – Bring lots of bottled water or a huge one. There’s a stall/store but the water bottle costs a lot more than they should be so it’s much better if you bring your own. 
  • PACK YOUR THINGS INSIDE A DRYBAG – Pack your things inside a dry bag and you can let your tour guide hold it for you, they are that hospitable and friendly. 
  • ASK YOUR GUIDE FOR AN INSTAGRAM PHOTO – You can ask your tour guide to take photos of you and your group, don’t hesitate to ask for help. 
  • BE A RESPONSIBLE TOURIST – Please don’t throw your trashes anywhere. Keep it inside your bag or pocket and throw it once you saw a trash bin in the area. A simple act like that is a big thing in keeping the area clean and neat. 


Guide for DIYers 

First things first, this is a guide solely for those who are in Cebu City and will be having their canyoneering activity thru commuting a public bus. 

  1. Go to South Bus Terminal 
  2. Look for the EXACT bus that is bound to Bato via Barili (Take note of this since there’s another bus that goes to Bato but via Oslob and that bus won’t pass Badian so don’t take that) 
  3. Tell the conductor or the driver to drop you off at Kawasan Falls 

Note: The travel would take for almost 3 hours and the bus fare would be 120 PHP to 150 PHP, depends on what bus you were taking. (The yellow buses, Ceres, costs around 150 especially if it's an air-conditioned Ceres bus)