1300 Numbers – Available Routing Options

The 1300 numbers or Local Rate Numbers are calls rerouting numbers. They redirect the calls to your pre-set landline or mobile numbers. 

The most important benefit of these numbers is that the customers who call to your regional Rate Numbers are charged only local prices irrespective of their geographical position. If you want to know more about 1300 number providers then you can browse https://www.smartcombusiness.com/1300-numbers/

So 1300 amounts are extremely practical for business providers, educational institutes, and a number of other organizations which need more customers to telephone them.

The 1300 numbers offer you many routing options and customization options for your business size, place, and type.

You may select one or more destination numbers based on the location of your caller or period of the calls made. You can also choose further redirection to other numbers when your first option is busy or not answering.

Following are the primary routing choices you may adjust when setting up your 1300 numbers and may request changes afterward as well.

Location-based Routing Options with 1300 amounts

Australia Wide Routing (1 area)

This Routing option allows you to guide all landline calls made from Australia to one destination number.

Condition Based Routing (8 places )

State-based routing alternative in 1300 numbers sends the calls made from various states to the answering point in the respective state.