Nashville’s Favorite Bagels and Schmears

Our bagels are fresh and natural.

They’re a simple bread that doesn’t require anything more than five basic ingredients, and so we don’t use anything besides: Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast, Malt.

This means that we DON’T use dough conditioners, preservatives, gum, chemical spray, hair spray, gelatin or gasoline to make bagels. Each bagel goes through an extensive fermentation process that draws out maximum flavor.

We support our local businesses and farmers

Only the finest produce, meats, coffee and tea for your Bagel Face!
Bongo Java Coffee
High Garden Tea
Porter Road Butcher
The Nashville Jam Company
Willow Farms

Can't make it to Bagel Face today?

​Get your Bagel Face fix at one of these great locations:
Bongo East
Mitchell’s Delicatessen
Ugly Mugs
Hermitage Hotel